Your partner for custom made chemical products for application in construction.

Prodecc specialises in the development and the production of customised chemical products for the application in construction. We are your partner for every step of the way, from concept until production. Our service is client-oriented and we offer our high quality products at a competitive price.

We specialize in the following solutions: 

  • Acrylics
  • Polyurethanes
  • Epoxy Glues
  • Epoxy Repair Mortars
  • Carbon Fibre Laminates

Because of this in-house knowledge and service we provide production customized to your needs.

Not only during the development process, but also every produced batch we analyse and test in our in-house lab. All necessary chemical and physical tests can be performed with our wide range in testing equipment.

Due to our flexibility and customer focus we are able to deliver both small and large quantities.

All products are in accordance to EU standards and labelling